Dance and Gymnastics Timetable:

Dance and Gym timetable - autumn winter

At LSA Gymnastics we pride ourselves on making sessions fun for all who participate. We are a competitive and recreational gymnastics club whose goal is to encourage children of all abilities to enjoy gymnastics. We take part in internal and external competitions, as well as take our recreational gymnasts through their British Gymnastics Association proficiency award scheme.

LSA Gymnastics Beginners (4 to 6 years)

Our LSA Gymnastics Beginner classes work on the basics and fundamentals for all our aspiring gymnasts. With a recommended age of between 4-6, our Beginners classes are based around North-West Leeds with the focus on Safety and Fun!

LSA Gymnastics Intermediate (6 to 9 years)

Our LSA Gymnastics Intermediate classes build on the foundations of everything learnt through our Tots program, working to develop and maintain the skills and techniques. With a recommended age of 6-9, gymnasts focus on the fundamentals, whilst also working through the British Gymnastics Badge work, and producing routines for shows and events.

LSA Gymnastics Advanced (9+ years)

Our LSA Gymnastics Advanced classes push our gymnasts further as we work on harder routines, skills and technique. With a recommended age of over 9 years, gymnasts work on improving all aspects of their training before they move up to the LSA elite classes. Continuing to build on the work done through the younger years, the Advanced Gymnasts also have the opportunity to represent Leeds Sports Academy in Competitions.



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